About us

About us


They say that ideas are living beings that are born in our imagination; that we need to feed them and make them grow, that they are born in the same way as the stars did: from an explosion.

This is how VANDALLO was born, the urban jewelry brand that has come to stay, betting on design and style, one of the key elements when it comes to making a good first impression.

Based in Málaga, the heart of the Costa de Sol, we’re making all our accessories in a handmade way one by one, with care and dedication for each client. To do this, we select the best materials from different parts of the world, combining precious and semi-precious stones, gold, rose gold and silver.

At VANDALLO we love what we do and try to make it reflect a perfect shopping experience.

It’s because you don’t finish dressing when you do up the last button on your shirt or when you put your shoes on. If you’re one of those who think there is something else, you’re home.