Why shopping in Vandallo?

Why shopping in Vandallo?


Exclusivity and elegance

At VANDALLO we love to create pieces that leave no one indifferent. We like what you don’t see every day on the street. If you like to attract attention, keep reading, this is your place. Take a look at our designs and you’ll know what we’re talking about. We’re sure you’ll find here what you’re looking for.

Attention to detail

All of our products are lovingly handmade in Spain, following the highest quality standards and taking care of every detail. The products are made by people for people and it shows: From opening the package to seeing what your new bracelet looks like, you’ll see that we love to care of every little detail in our work. We love what we do.

Handmade especially for you

At VANDALLO we don’t have thousands of products made and ready to ship. When you order a product we make it especially for you in a handmade way so that it arrives fresh at your home. This does not mean that we will take longer, our shipments are very fast!

Worldwide shipping

At VANDALLO we only work with the best transport companies – punctuality is the most important thing for us. Moreover, the delivery is free throughout in Europe. Receive your purchase comfortably at home, ultimately we are in the 21st century. Take advantage of it!

Lifetime warranty

With our lifetime guarantee you can rest assured that you will have your favorite bracelet in perfect condition at all times, covering breaks in strings, stones or pieces and loss of elasticity. Renewing your bracelet will be as easy as sending it to us following our instructions and receiving it back home just as you bought it. Don’t worry about damages, relax and enjoy your outfit.